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" With the knowledge you acquire from this book, 
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 and I know what I'm talking about
Because, I was born and raised in Ivory Coast. My
parents were cocoa farmers and we lived in
Extreme poverty.
Until adulthood, I did not have a clear and precise
System to guide my life. It's true, I had some
Successes but it didn't last. Very quickly, I
returned to poverty, with bad choices, bad
decisions, bad strategies, lack of vision, doubt,
confusion, my mind was anchored in insufficiency
and helplessness and resignation."
- Marie T Taqui

From The Desk Of Marie T. Taqui, the Author, NY
Did you know that there is a science of success, known for more than a 100 years, this science is behind the successes of 1,000,000s of millionaires and 100s of billionaires. This science is based on the experiences of the most successful Americans and it works no matter who you are and NO MATTER the kind of success you desire!

I found out about it, I applied it and it works. Now I can say that being born in poverty does not condemn ANYONE to remain in poverty. I want many more people to know about it. That’s why I wrote this book to share the secret science of success so that you too can change your life! The secret science of success are principles, the basic principles of success, organized in a way that makes it easy to follow and maintain success in your life!

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looking at the cover page, you can see a little farm girl carrying cocoa pods over her  head. Well I started my life like this. 
But thanks God  I was sent to school..... and things went well because I was able to graduate as an English teacher...years  after, I went into business. things went well for a short while then my incomes started  stagnating in 2008. for the whole year,  I barely made $ 17,000 . Then, in addition to the financial hardship, I lost my mother.  

So now on top of the financial stress, I had to face emotional  stresses caused by my mothers untimely death.   Mom had always wanted me to go to church, and  to make her wish come true, I answered the invitation of a friend to his church. A great choir and a very dynamic pastor kept me going. 

 Then, one evening in November 2008, the Sermon was entitled: “When God says move, move and don't look back.” It was a message straight to me.

Indeed, I was working as salesperson in  a real estate agency and had obtained my Real Estate Broker's license since April 2008. I was envisioning working for myself. But then, I had two listings on the market that weren't selling. I was waiting hoping to sell them to at least get my commission before leaving. 

Unfortunately, properties on the market just weren't selling and if by chance a deal was made, the financing bank would pack up and disappear a day or two before the closing day.

 And so I was hanging there, in that agency, in a dire financial stress and the pain of mourning my mother, and the false hope of selling these listings... 

So that SERMON felt like it was directed just to me. And I heeded it. I made the decision to leave those listings behind me and step out to take my fate in my hand. 

That step marked the beginning for me.
I was approaching fifty years old and it was like a rebirth for me. Information about the principles of success was pouring in from everywhere and in abundance! 

By applying everything I learned, I was able to turn my annual income of $ 17,000 dollars into monthly income and the following year, 2009, I made over $ 100,000 and it just kept
increasing and in a few years I was able to make over a million dollars in one year.

Building on that success, I decided to start teaching these principles so as to help many more people learn  how to manifest their destinies .  How come we have such information and it is not reaching those who need it most?  

In this book, I share the system that I followed to straighten out my financial life. I present it in 3
easy to follow steps that everyone can learn, apply and adopt in their lifestyle.

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

What's Inside The Book!?
  •  Secret #1: Helps you uncover  the greatest asset  you were born with and teaches you how to use it to unleash your full potentials (Chapter 2, 12,13)
  • Secret#2: Helps you understand the power of  Imagination  and raises your awareness on the secret behind Coca Cola, Facebook, YOUTUBE.(Chapter7, 14)
  • Secret#3: Helps develop your power of determination so You  can achieve your goals  including Making  A Lot More Money  (chapter 6)
  •  Secret #4: Helps you develop  your sense of organization, at the personal level, at the group level,  How to build and work in a team so that Gets You More Respect  in your Community at your Work Place, in Your Family  So You Can Earn more Respect and Increase your Self Estime (Chapter7) 
  •  Secret #5: Helps you develop your sense of awareness, so you take the steps to create changes and that Makes It Easy To Negotiate Higher Fees For  Your Work  ()Chapter 1)
  • Secret #6: Gives You  Specific   Strategies To Better Manage Your Time and Ressources (Chapter7)
  •  Secret #7:  Gives Specific Strategies To Land or Create the Position you Want . And Command Higher Salaries  (Chapter7)
  •  Secret #8: Learn How To Face adversity and defeat (Chapter1)
  • Secret #9:  Learn How  To Maintain Sound Health (Chapter11)
  •  Secret #810 Effortlessly Create The Perfect  Mental Attitude that Will Help You Win (Chapter10)
  • Secret #11:  Discover Strategies for Dealing With Fear and Indecision (Chapter8)
  • Secret #12:   Learn  and understand the power of  efficiency, and Leadership  (Chapter9)
  •  Secret #13: Discover The Best Way To Improve In Every Aspect and Achieve Success In Every Area Of Your Life) (Chapter9)
  •  Secret #14:  (Learn the Art of Decision Making (Chapter 8)
  • ​Secret #15 :  Learn What is the Essential Force In The Accumulation Of Money(Chapter9)
  • Secret # 16:  Discover  the process of relating to the great vital force of the universe in solving life's daily challenges and many more...secrets


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